B2B goes online

pubblicato il 01.10.2019

Here we go! Our „Digital Showroom“ is online and we are glad to present you the latest collections of our licensees.

As from now on, all shoe models with the reflex zones insoles of Casa Everz GmbH can be viewed at ease and you are welcome to order a sample of any shoe model which finds your interest and which you would like to test profoundly on your side. Being similar to a shop, this “Digital Showroom” offers the options for all our business partners to select the shoes by considering specific criteria such as shoe types, insole type and manufacturer. These selected models can be ordered as a free sample via our shop system.

Our B2B area includes - offline as well as online - shoe traders who focus on offering to their clientele comfortable shoe models. Additionally, these shoes have an insole which can contribute to promote the health. Furthermore, the insoles of these shoes have an international brand and patent protection.

How does this work?


Please register very easily on our website and log in with your personal password in order to have access to all data (e.g. prices and conditions) and to place directly your sample order. With your decision on the models with our reflex zones insoles, these samples will give you the opportunity to convince you and your customers of our product qualities.

Did you know that the reflex zones insoles can be worn all day long due to their soft material and that there is no need to have them exchanged? The soft material ensure a highly comfort feeling while wearing and even a very stressful daily life can be handled much more easily. Nowadays, there is anyway the trend towards conscious life and a feeling like walking barefoot is an increasing demand on the shoe sector. This demand can be easily considered by offering shoes which are not only comfortable but which are also available in different styles – ranging from classic to trendy, depending on the clientele.

Our “Digital Showroom” presents a selected range of shoe models which can be provided with your preferred insole type: Casa Everz offers 4 insole types which have specific elevations and depressions in order to stimulate defined reflex zones of the feet. This stimulation intends to provide a holistic well-being which starts with the feet. All extended research works on our side in the past were clearly aiming to implement this demand: comfortable footwear with a function which protects the feet against exertion and which spoil the reflex zones of the feet with a soft massage – in fact even full day wearable and day by day.


Convince yourself of the quality and the comfort of our shoe models and surprise your clientele with an extended function. Our B2B area is available for you from now on and your visit is highly welcome.

Your team of Casa Everz