How to become a licensee

We would be delighted if we could inspire you to become part of our success story.

With every step you take, our insoles provide gentle stimulation and massage of the reflex zones under your feet - throughout the day, not just for hours. With our insoles you will have the feeling of walking barefoot. By stimulating and massaging the reflex zones on your feet, you can positively influence the organ associated with these zones.

Upgrade a part of your collection with the added function of our reflex zone insoles. Fill a niche in the shoe market with your newly equipped collection. Better sales arguments make you strong. You can calculate better and achieve a good price for you, because there is no competing product on the market. Your customers have less depreciation.

In these days you want to offer more than selling shoes. Try something new and equip your shoes with our reflex zone insole and upgrade them with a unique function. Our product has European know-how and is protected by patents and registered trade marks.

We are looking forward to your application.